Viking-Gear Helmets 2

Valkyrie Head-Gear, Valsgarde Helm, Masked and The Haddings Helm.

Valkyrie Battle Maidens HeadPiece
valkyrie battle maiden winged head gear
valkyrie battle maiden opera star julie brown wearing viking-gear theatrical armor and weapons and winged head gear
Valkyrie Head-Gear. Lined Brass Headband with Wings.
Choice of Wing Type: Brown, White or Eagle(white with black tips).
Enter Wing color and head size measured around head in the text box below.
The fur you see is not included.There for contrast for photo.
HELMS2-1 $105.00

Head measurement

The Haddingjar Helm

Haddingjar viking Helmet

Steel and Brass mask and visor helm.
Fits up to an xl head. Padded interior.

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