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Test your Viking knowledge by entering our contests.
The contests consist of questions based on Viking and Warrior trivia questions.
Historical events, battles, Kings and more.
Many of questions are based on a lot of info right here on the Viking-Gear website.
The questions might be true or false, date or exact answer format.
So enter the contests and win some prizes. Current contests run until at least 10 enter.

Winners names will be posted on the Prize page.
In the event of a tie there will be a run off contest.

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Rules:Must sign up by clicking link above
The same email address must be entered along with your name when starting contest.
All contests are timed and you will have a set amount of minutes to complete contest. Usually 5 minutes.
If time runs out before completing contests the contest page disappears so even if you did not
complete all questions click submit at least you will get some points.
Any attempts to cheat the system will automatically terminate you from the contest.
Contest page logs are recorded as well as IP address for security.
Our final word on contest answers is the law.
If the answer is in in exact word format please spell correctly contest results are automated
and may not allow a grossly misspelled word as being correct.
You must be 18 to enter.
All valid contestants scores and names are posted on the leaderboard at he close of the contest. .
At the end of the contest winner will be notified via email.
You must pay to have large prizes shipped and will be billed via email for shipping fee.
Shipping fees are based on shipping rate only no extra add ons.
Contest open to all countries.
Rules may be modified at any time.
Contest void in the event of technical difficulties.
Rules effective as of: