Viking Gear Accessories 3
Barbarian Animal Skins wall hangings and Snacks

Bear, Wolf, Boar, Reindeer and More.
Deck yourself out like a Real Viking.

wolf tapestry

wolf tapestry

wolf wallhanging throw
Wonderful woven throw features a timeless wolf motif, bringing the freedom of the boundless outdoors into your own living space. A striking complement to any decor that is sure to inspire admiration from all. Machine wash cold do not bleach tumble dry cool or line dry. Polyester, Cotton. 50" x 59" high. VGG14932 SOLD OUT

reindeer skins

Rein Deer Hides

Imported from Scandinavia.Great as throws in your Long House,
blankets or Viking Skin Cloaks/Capes Wear.
Make your own Barbarian Wear.
Colors may vary light or dark. No choice.
Large approx. up to 48 inches long
VGRDHS $225.00

black sheep skins

Black Icelandic Sheep

40-44 inches long
Brown available also
VGS-ISS $165.00 special order inquire before purchase

Bear skins

Canadian Black Bear

From our Friends in the Great White North
Approx 50-54 inches max length.
Top quality. Nice head with claws.
Buying this skin you agree it is legal
to own in your state.
VGBLKBR $600.00

Wild Boar skins

Wild Boar Skin

Large Wild Boar Skin
Imported from Europe. Approx. 57 inches long tip to tip.
Smaller ones available from $350.00 and up.
VGWBS $550.00 special order inquire before purchase

Many wolf skins available in various colors, grades and prices. They go fast.
Prices typically start around 400.00. Please inquiry with your price range.

Canadian Wolf Skins

Wolf skins
wolf skin
wolf skin
wolf skin

Canadian Wolf

wolf skin

Wolf craft skins

Craft Grade Wolf Hides

Approx 42 inches. Assorted sizes and colors
Inquiry on colors available before ordering if a requirement.
VGCGWH2 $200.00

Grey Fur Skin Cape

cape skins

Approx 42 inches long down back.
Grey wolf look kid fur with grommets and laced sides
VGCape1 300.00