Viking Gear Barbarian Accessories. No Vikings Gear is complete without it.

Conan Style Head Bands and Pendants.

What is best in life? "To crush your enemies and see them driven before you.
And hear the lamentations of the women" - Conan the Barbarian.

Conan Leather Head Gear
Conan the Barbarian Leather Head Gear. Deluxe Edition.
Black and brown leather with black metal studs.
Measures approx. 22 inches, one size fits all.
Adjustable Leather tie in back.
conan warrior headband

Conan Necklace
Goes with the headband. Like on the DVD cover.
Antiqued bronze 2 inch wheel of existence with teeth on a leather cord.
conan necklace
GEAR2-2 $30.00

Conan Leather Head Gear 2
Standard version. Not as close to his as the deluxe but looks just as good.
Black and brown leather with black metal studs.Measures approx. 22inches, one size fits all.
Leather shade of brown may vary light or dark brown. Adjustable Leather tie in back.
conan headband 2
GEAR2-3 $47.00


Bronze Conan Sunwheel Pendant
Measures 2 and 3/4 inches high. Comes with 30 inch leather cord.
conan pendant deluxe

Conans 48 inch Sword
Huge and Heavy 2 hand sword, Steel blade
brass and wood hilt. No scabbard
conan deluxe 48 inch sword

Basic Barbarian Headband (Runes available)
Available with up to 15 runes per side.
Thick brown leather with tie in back approx. 22 inches.
You can state in English and it will be converted to runes.
Or enter the runes by name. Enter details below.
Barbarian Headband
GEAR2-6 $24.99

Enter Rune names or letters below if desired. Will convert to Elder futhark.

Barbarian Tusk Warrior Neck Wear
Features Nordic/Celtic Design Medallion on a
25 inch 1/4 inch leather cord. A true Barbarian Warrior Neck Piece.
Get yours today.
Barbarian Tusk Warrior Neck Wear

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