Viking-Gear Bracelets Risers Torques 1
Sterling Silver, Stainless and Pewter Dragon Wolves Bracelets Torques and Cuffs

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viking stainless steel dragon heads arm ring bracelet torc

Stainless steel dragons bracelet.

Stainless steel wrist torc arm ring bracelet with dual dragon heads.
Mens sizing
VG-STSDB52413 $55.00

sterling wolves bracelet

Sterling silver wolves bracelet.

Chain measures 14mm or 9/16. Toggle clasp.
Enter your wrist size below
6,7,8,9,10 inch wrist. 8 inch is standard mens size
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ancient dragon heads neck torc
ancient dragon heads neck torc2

Ancient Viking Dragon Heads Neck Torque

Stainless steel torc with dual sterling silver and bronze ancient
reproduction dragon heads.
Measures approx. 23 inches 7 inch inside diameter.
You can bend to suit yourself.
VGADNT7516 $75.00

dragon neck torc

Viking Dragon Heads Neck Torque

Stainless steel torc with dual bronze dragon heads.
Measures approx. 23 inches
VGDNT23 $150.00

odins wolves bracelet

Odins Wolves Bracelet

Wolves bracelet chain measures approx. 12mm wide.
Gun metal pewter. Enter wrist size in box below.
5-6-7-8 and 9 inch.

ancient viking bracelet

Viking Bracelet

Sterling Silver bracelet found in Latvia. Originally
a Swedish Vikings Bracelet 10th to 12th century
Enter wrist size below.
VGB805 $195.00

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eye of odin bracelet

Eye of Odin Bracelet

Sterling Silver Bracelet with Onyx or Carnelian gemstone.
One size only fits up to an 8 in wrist.
VGB270 $150.00