Thor Hammer Pendants Traditional and Modern Interpetation Designs in Sterling ,Bronze , Stainless steel and Titanium. Custom Hammers and Rune Engraving.
How about a Thor Hammer Door Knocker?

Viking-Gear Thor Hammers 2 and New Thor Hammer Door Knocker

Thor Hammer
Measures 1.5 inches high comes with 24 inch leather cord.
Stainless steel.
thor hammer pendant
THOR2-1 $25.00

Thor Hammer Brass Door Knocker
Thor Hammer door knocker in solid brass over 3 inches high
Customized with your name in runes. Limited time free! Comes with mounting screws.
The more runes the smaller they will be.
thor door knocker
THOR2-2 $75.00

Sterling Silver Ancient Thor Hammer
From antiquity design copy from museum piece in sweden
measures approx 1.7 not including ring in measurement. comes with cord
Has hidden bail in back ring can be removed. Can be worn 2 ways.
sterling silver museum copy thor hammer pendant
THOR2-3 $75.00

Thor Rune Hammer
Thor Runes Design Hammer in bronze Approx 1.6 in high
Comes with 24 in leather cord.
golden Bronze thor rune hammer pendant
THOR2-4 $55.00

Thor rune Hammer in Sterling Silver
Approx 1.6 in high
Comes with 24 in leather cord.
sterling silver thor rune hammer pendant
THOR2-5 $85.00

Bronze head and stainless steel hammer
Stainless steel handle with bronze head and bail. Will except a large size chain.
Measures approx. 1.5 inches. Comes with a leather necklace.

Up to 3 runes engraveable see below
bronze head stainless handle thor hammer pendant
THOR2-6 $65.00
Optional 3 Runes on head

Mjolnir in Bronze
Approx 1.6 inch bronze hammer.Large bail fits 1/4 inch chain.
bronze destroyer thor hammer pendant
THOR2-7 $45.00

Sterling Reproduction Thor Hammer Pendant
Sterling Silver reproduction Thor Hammer pendant.
A hammer of this design was found in Denmark.
Date 1000ce Danish Viking Thor Hammer approx
1.6 inches high comes with 24 leather cord.
Sterling Reproduction Thor Hammer Pendant
THOR2-8 $75.00

Sterling Reproduction Thor Hammer Pendant
Museum copy of a Thor Hammer
found in Scandinavia dating from 8th century.
Sterling Siver Measures approx. 2 inches.
Comes with leather cord.
ancient thor religious thor hammer sterling silver museum reproduction
THOR2-9 $75.00

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