Mega-Thorrus Thor Hammer, Pagan cross odinist Thor Hammer Pendants Traditional and Modern Interpretation Designs in Sterling ,Bronze and Stainless Steel. Custom Hammers and Rune Engraving.

Viking-Gear Thor Hammers 1

Mega-Thorrus Bronze Thor Hammer Pendant
3.2 inches high solid bronze
Mega-Thorrus Thor Hammer measures over 3.2 inches. Solid bronze
Your choice of pommel symbol and optional rune engraving free.
mega-Thorrus mega Bronze thor hammer pendant

Also available customized

custom mega-Thorrus mega Bronze thor hammer pendantcustom mega-Thorrus runes Bronze thor hammer pendant
THOR1-1 $200.00

Enter up to 6 runes (Optional.letters to convert or rune names)

Select pommel symbol

Gods of War Series. Odin Son/Thor Hammer Pendant
Odin n Son Thor Hammer Pendant
Also available with T Tyr Rune and Hammer
Stainless steel 2.25 inches high.
Hammer can be personalized with runes see below
Bail will accommodate up to 10mm cord or chain
Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
odin n son God of War thor hammer pendant
THOR1-2 $175.00
Optional up to 4 runes on hammer head

Main rune

New Style inch titanium Thor Hammer Pendant
New Style 1.5 inch titanium Thor Hammer Pendant
Stamped titanium with hidden loop comes with 24 inch leather cord.
new style titanium thor hammer pendant
THOR1-3 $20.00

Odinist Hammer in Stainless Steel
Measures approx 1.5 inches high. Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
stainless steel odinist ritual thor hammer
THOR1-4 $30.00

Hammered Hammer in Bronze or Sterling Silver
Offered in bronze and sterling silver.Traditional Historic Design.
Made in a stone mold and hand finished as in the days of our forefathers.
Measures approx 1.4 inches high. Thru hole approx. 4.5 mm
Comes with leather cord.
sterling silver and bronze ancient thor hammer
THOR1-5 Bronze $50.00 Sterling Silver $100.00

Destroyer Thor Hammer Pendant
Mjolnir english translation (Destroyer)
Measures approx. 1.6 inches.
Bail will fit a 1/4 inch chain Comes with leather cord.
bronze thor destroyer hammer pendant
THOR1-6 $50.00

Bronze Thor Hammer Pendant
Hammer itself measures one inch high.
The loops are not included in the measurement.
If Don’t like it you can have 3 runes of your choice instead.
Bail will fit a 1/4 inch chain.
bronze thors hammer pendant
THOR1-7 $30.00
Optional 3 runes on hammer head

Hammer of the God Thor
Sterling Silver measures approx. 1.5 inches high.
Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
hammer of the god thor wielding hammer sterling silver pendant
THOR1-8 $50.00

Bronze Thor Hammer Pendant
Bronze Thor Hammer Pendant for the Modern Day Viking.
Measures approx. 1.5 inches high and thick.
Comes with a 24 inch long Leather cord.
Available engraved with up to 6 runes of your choice.
runic engraved bronze 1.5 inch modern thor hammer pendant
THOR1-9 $75.00
Optional 6 runes on hammer head

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