Viking-Gear Daggers and Knives
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Damascus Steel Knife

damascus viking knife

Hand forged damascus steel dagger.
Measures approx 8 inches long comes with belt sheath.
VGD7079 $30.99

>Vikingr Skolm


Viking Skolm. The Vikings version of the Handsax.
Used by the Anglo-Saxons and the Franks as well.
Known nowadays as a Scramasax.Made to order
17 1/2 inches long, 11.25 carbon Steel Blade.
Hardwood Wood Hand grip 3 lobed brass pommel and guard.
Sheathe included fits a 3inch belt
VGD-SKLM1 $79.99

Vikingr Knifr

viking historical dagger with horse hide

Stainless Steel Blade. Hardwood Handle.
hide Sheath. Common Dagger/Knife
Approx 13 inches long.
VGD1502 $40.00

The Raven Dagger

odins raven dagger

Dagger measures approx 13 inches long.
VGDGE8859 $29.99

The Dragonmen Dagger

Sharp Dragonmen Dagger with wall plaque. Dagger measures 15 inches long.

Horned Dagger

horned dagger

Stainless Steel Blade with belt sheath 12 inches long.
VGD158 $30.99