Viking-Gear Mace, Spears and Pole Weapons Page 4
Heidinn Vikingr Skogarmadr Ofridr Hervapn

Heavy duty big spiked ball mace

mega mace big spiked ball mace solid

Solid 6+ inch spiked ball mace
measures approx 2 feet long.
heavy n functional.
VGMM21417 45.00

Viking 6 foot Spear(Bardagi Spjot)

Viking spear

Poll Weapon Lance, Missle
Viking spear measures over 6 feet long.
Solid, 2 sections screw together.
Pole leather wrapped at balance point.
VGSP21017 55.00

Huge Spiked Skull Pole Mace

skull crusher huge spiked skull pole mace

The Skull Crusher
BIG Spiked Skull Pole Mace. Measures approx. 27 inches long.
2 inch long steel spikes. 7 in skull
Heavywieght approx 10lbs
VGSM21017 75.00 one left

Big Spiked Chain Mace

huge spiked ball chain and pole mace

Spiked chain Mace. 6 inch spiked ball.
Measures approx. 48 inches long extended. 2 foot handle
VGAX11817 50.00

Halberd 64 inches

halberd axe armor piercing pole weapon

64 inch halbard battle axe spear.
Use by infantry against mounted knights.
Armour piercing blade also sought out gaps in armour. Very Effective.
Wood handle unscrews with metal center reinforcing coupler.
VGAX322 70.00 SOLD OUT

4 ball spiked mace

4 chained balls spiked battle mace

4 ball spiked mace with wood handle.
VGAX4B 25.00

1 ball spiked mace

1 chained ball spiked battle mace

1 ball spiked mace with wood handle.
VGAX1B 15.00