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Heidinn Vikingr Skogarmadr Ofridr Hervapn

Viking Throwing Axe

viking throwing axe 20 inches

This Throwing Axe measures approx. 20 inches long.
Forged tempered steel edge or bit.
VGAX-310 $35.00

New Throwing Ax

Small Throwing Ax

Hand forged throwing axe
apprx 5 inch head 12 inches long.
VGAX203257 $29.00

Modern Throwing Ax

sharp modern and balanced throwing axe

super sharp and balanced throwing axe
abs handle apprx 14 inches long overall.
VGAX63016 $30.00 SOLD OUT

heavy duty double head battle axe
Stainless Steel Battle Axe
Total Length 21" sharp
Stainless Steel Wire Wrapped Handle
Includes Wall Plaque
Collectible and functional Axe
heavy duty and sharp
VGAX2140 $50.00

Double Head Battle Axe

Double head axe with wrapped wood handle.
Measures approx 32 inches long

Battle Axe wood handle

Warrior Battle Axe Wrapped Wood Handle.
Stainless Steel Head Approx. 34 inches
VGAX48932 $46.99OUT OF STOCK