Viking-Gear Pendants 1
Over 8 pages of Talismans Rune Unique Norse, Viking and Runic designs.
Sterling silver, bronze, pewter and stainless steel.

Pendant styles include museum reproductions of Norse Pendants.
As well as Runic and Nordic Pantheon theme pendants.
Wolf, Raven, Odin, Thor, Runes, Symbols just to name a few, quite a large selection.
Modern interpretation unique designs only available here.
Don't leave without seeing the
Viking, Norse Runic and Germanic Pendants in a wide array of designs and metals.
Hand made stainless steel chains that go great with Thor Hammers.
So dont miss the large selection of Modern and Traditional style
Thor Hammer Pendants.
Most are available with custom runic engraving for a personal touch.
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Odins Illusion and deception Valknut Ravens Talisman pendant
Odins Illusion and Valknut Ravens Pendant
Available double sided and single side
Measures approx 1.7 inches high.
Double sided Odins Illusion Talisman with Valknut and Ravens
Odins talisman of illusion and deception on one side.
Valknut and ravens on the other. Fool and deceive the enemy
Gain the upper hand on the enemy with Odins Illusion and Valknut Talisman
Comes with leather cord.
Order VGPOIVT41213 $20.00
Odins Talisman One Side
Odins Illusion Talisman or Ravens and Valknut Pendant.
One side one design. Choose below
Measures approx 1.7 inches not including loop.
Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
VGPRV41213 $12.00

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tyr arm sword and rune pendant
TYR Pendant
Tyr Rune pendant with arm holding sword Pendant.
Measures approx 1.4 inches not including loop.
Your choice of center style.
VGPTYR73113 $12.00

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 valknut next stop valhalla dog tags
Next Stop Valhalla with Valknut Dog Tag
Next Stop Valhalla and Valknut Dogtag Pendant. One Side
silver or bronze valknut. Choose below
Measures approx 1.6 inches not including loop.
Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
VGNSV62113 $23.00

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brass and pewter runic pendant

Runic Pendant

Pewter with brass or bronze outer.
Measures approx 1.7 inches not including the ring.
Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
VGP010214-1 $18.00

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Pewter Viking Fashion Pendants

viking battle axe pendant
VGP-979 Viking Axe
Measures 1.6 inches
viking bronze battle axe pendant
VGP-3213 Bronzed Battle Axe
Measures 2.2 inches
Ancient Viking Ship pendant
VGP-509  Ancient Viking Ship
Measures 1.3 inches
Museum reproduction
museum antiquity Viking Ship pendant
VGP-514  Ancient ship 2
Measures  1 inch
Museum reproduction
dragon ship pendant

VGP6696 dragon ship pendant
Measures approx 33mm
viking runic battle shield pendant
VGP-973  Rune Shield
Measures 1.4 inches
viking ancient thor hammer pendant
VGP-976  Ancient Thor Hammer
Measures 1 inch
viking on longship pendant
VGP-977 Viking on ship
Measures 1.2 inches
Flaming triskelon pendant
VGP-423 Flaming triskelon
Measures 1.6 inches

Viking Interlaced Snake museum pendant
VGP-974 Viking Interlaced Snake.
Measures 1.3 inches
inter lace knotwork enameled triad pendant
VGP-1019 Triad Knot
measures approx 1.3

viking spiked battle axe pendant
VGP- 1212 Spiked Axe
measure 2.2 inches

VGP-6677 Yggdrasil
Measures 38 mm
interlace knotwork viking cross pendant
Interlace stone cross
measures 46 mm

All above pendants 10.00
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24 inch black leather cord with clasp with purchase
VGPLC-24-2 $2.00

2 Ravens gemstone pendant

Ravens with gemstone

Bronze with german silver Ravens and MoonstonePendant.
Measures approx 1.7 inches not including loop.
Comes with 24 inch leather cord.
VGM17-4229-1 $22.00

sonnenrad pendant with garnet gemstone

Sonnenrad Super Size Pendant

Sunwheel Sonnenrad. Measures appxox. 2.6 inches high not including ring in measurement.
German silver with your choice of genuine gemstone.
Choose from : Carnelian (shown) , Black Onyx, Amber,
Garnet or Amethyst. enter choice in box below.
Comes with leather cord. Or stoneless.
VGM26-7249-1S $25.00

Choose stone

viking-horned skull pendant

Stainless Steel Horned Skull Pendant

Measures appxox. 1.25 inches high not including ring.
Stainless steel. Comes with 24 inch stainless steel chain shown.
VGP111413-1 $33.00

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